Goldegg 2012

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General Information

The PUMA workshop 2012 takes place in Goldegg (near Salzburg from 24th (Monday) to 28th (Friday) September. The meeting takes place together with RiSE.



The workshop is organized at the Schloss Goldegg. It is located at Hofmark 1, 5622 Goldegg, Austria.

Getting there from Munich

  • Train from Munich Hauptbahnhof to Schwarzach-St. Veit (e.g. EC 113, on 23rd Sep 2012 at 12:27 from platform 13, arrival time 15:09)
  • Bus 580 from Schwarzach Bahnhof to Goldegg, Steinernes Kreuz (e.g. on 23rd Sep 2012 at 16:15, arrival time 16:30)

Getting back to Munich

  • Bus 580 from Goldegg, Steinernes Kreuz to Schwarzach Bahnhof (e.g. on 28th Sep 2012 at 17:10, arrival time 17:20)
  • Train from Schwarzach-St. Veit to Munich Hauptbahnhof (e.g. EC 110, on 28th Sep 2012 at 18:51, arrival time 21:33)


The workshop schedule can be found here. There will be


Participants from PUMA




Participants from RiSE




  • Martin Aigner       talk slides
  • Martin Chmelík
  • Przemyslaw Daca       talk slides
  • Andreas Fröhlich       talk slides
  • Andreas Haas       talk slides
  • Ayrat Khalimov
  • Bettina Könighofer
  • Michael Lippautz       talk slides
  • Aina Niemetz
  • Vladislav Podimov
  • Mathias Preiner
  • Johannes Reiter
  • Thorsten Tarrach       talk
  • Magdalena Widl       talk slides
  • Damien Zufferey       talk slides
  • Gergely Kovasznai       talk slides